The little Book of Duggee Hugs


Hey Duggee: Little Book of Duggee Hugs by Lauren Holowaty
Published by Penguin Random House
Date: 2 January 2018
R.R.P. $12.99



Duggee Hugs is a sweet little book full of colour, shiny pages and positive messages that are perfect for cheering your little one up, or teaching them how a kind gesture can put a smile on someones face.  This book of hugs is not just for children but for anyone needing a huge collection of the warmest of hugs.


For those of you unfamiliar with Duggee, he originates from the UK Cbeebies series Hey Duggee and teaches children how to have fun and be energetic.  He is a big lovable dog that encourages children to play games and do activities.  This book certainly shows just how lovable Duggee is and it is just the right size to put into your bag to entertain your children when out and about.


The book begins with Duggee deciding what to do with his friends the squirrels for the day. After thinking about it he decides on Duggee Hugs and each page explains why he decided on his hugs; reasons such as making you feel better, for days when you’re feeling bad, and to warm you up on a chilly day.  The colours used in the illustrations are simply wonderful, each page is bright, cheerful and engaging to the reader.


This book is simply joyful, fun and hug filled. So remember whether your feeling awesome or a little blue, Duggee’s book will have a hug or two waiting for you.

Thank you to Penguin books for the opportunity to read and review this book.



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