Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush


Tiggy and the Magical Paintbrush by Zanni Louise
Illustrated by Gillian Flint
Published by Five Mile Press
Date: 1 March 2018
R.R.P. $12.99



Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush is an inspiring series by the talented Zanni Louise and Gillian Flint, that centres around the themes of friendship, imagination and creativity.  The first two books in the series, A Pet Called Nibbles and A School Day Smile are perfect for newly independent readers, although they will also inspire older readers to find confidence in uncertain situations.


Tiggy faces nervousness about her first day at school and worries when she is the only one in her class, who doesn’t have a pet!  Tiggy’s magical paintbrush helps her through both these situations so that she can find happiness and confidence. In real life a child may use something significant to them, like a toy to help them find courage, or use their own ‘Magical Paintbrush’ like Tiggy.

Tiggy and the Magic Paintbrush flow naturally and is aesthetically satisfying.   The contrast between the illustrations grey shades and bursts of colour, dramatically represents how Tiggy is feeling, and how colour can add depth and light to a persons feelings.  Each of the characters in the book are endearing.  Even if they barely speak through the story, the individual character facial expressions tell us a story and adds depth.


Overall, these easy readers are cheerful, lively and engaging for your young reader. Children of all ages will relate to Tiggy and her worries, and being able to immerse themselves in her imagination they may also feel stronger and able to accomplish anything.

Thank you Five Mile Press for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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