Kate and the Thing


Kate and the Thing by Heidi Cooper Smith
Published by Wombat Books
Date: 1 March 2018
R.R.P. $24.99

Hardcover Picture Book


Heidi Cooper Smith made me want to smile, cry, laugh and tap into every emotion possible when reading this story.  She has beautifully captured a child’s feelings about new situations and the illustrations are just WOW!


The story begins with Kate waking up in a new place and it’s also her first day at a new school. At the bottom of her bed is a new friend called Thing, he is there to get her through the newness of everything.  Thing is a joyful character that stops to enjoy buskers, splash in puddles, and helps build Kate’s confidence.  It is not long before Kate is smiling and reaching out to others, Thing is able to step back.

This book teaches children that its normal to be unsure and overwhelmed in new situations, it also demonstrates that these feelings won’t linger that that given time they can be overcome.  Kate and the Thing helps children understand their feelings, and know that they are not alone when they feel uncertain, that someone is always nearby to listen and help.



The front cover instantly draws you into the story, it speaks whimsy and friendship to me and when I opened the book I wasn’t disappointed. The illustrations are fresh,  lifelike and Thing is adorable, he would certainly make me feel safe if I was feeling uncertain and afraid.


This book has heart and provides many opportunities for discussion with your child.  The author seems to have put a lot of thought into bringing this book to life, enabling it to flow naturally and helping children to feel strong during times of uncertainty. I recommend this book because it exudes kindness and has heart.

Thank you Wombat Books for the opportunity to read and review this book.


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