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I am happy to be back this month starting with a book tour for Hayden’s Bedtime.  I love being able to support Australian authors, so read on to hear all about this sweet book.

Hayden's Bedtime cover

Hayden’s Bedtime by Wendy Haynes

Illustrated by Brett Curzon
Published by Inprint Publishing
Publication Date: 19 March 2019
R.R.P: $22.99


I am excited to share Hayden’s Bedtime with you all because this sweet rhyming book about a bedtime routine is a fun adventure for children.

‘Every night when the clock strikes 8, dad pipes up, ‘off to bed before it’s too late.’ As Hayden gets ready for bed, he and dad play a game where dad checks different areas of Hayden’s bedroom…What’s behind the door? What’s under the bed?  During these checks, dad finds smelly socks and building blocks which creates a lot of fun for the reader.

Apart from being a book about bed time routine, the book also highlights colours.  When a colour is written it is printed in its hue, which assist a child with colour recognition and associate the word with it, especially for the someone just learning to read.

The book ends with Hayden’s room being clear of fear which is why it’s the perfect book for children whose bedtimes are a struggle.  I like the fun way that Wendy has written this book and the fact that it is written with her grandson in mind makes it sweeter.  Just like Hayden in the book her grandson is scared to go to bed and his dad has different types of tricks to convince him that it is safe.


You might miss it if you don’t look hard, but there is a little tiger throughout the book.  This is a fun element to the book where you can ask your child to look for it on each page.

I think this sweet book is going to be a well loved read for your children that need a little bit of encouragement to find peace instead of fear at bedtime.  It will spark conversation about why Hayden doesn’t want to go to bed and why they don’t want to go to sleep themselves.

‘So close your eyes, I’ll turn out the LIGHT! It’s time for us to say GOODNIGHT.’

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Thank you Books on Tour & Inprint Publishing for the opportunity to share this book and for the use of the images.

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