Past the Shallows



Past the Shallows by Favel Parrett
Published by Hachette
Date: 2011
R.R.P: $19.99


It has been a long time since a book has had such a profound effect on me that I cried and I cried hard. Past the Shallows is a story of brothers and a period of their life. They are living with grief, isolation, fear, uncertainty, deep memories and simple joy for things we may take for granted.

‘Out past the shallows, past the sandy-bottomed bays, comes the dark water – black and cold and roaring.’

From this first sentence, Favel had already managed to draw me in, and just like ‘There was still love’ I knew I was going to be engaged and not be able to put it down. ‘Past the shallows’ evoked a lot of memories for me. Mostly because the setting is in Tasmania, which is where I lived for most of my life, but also mentions of Bubble O’Bills, the Regatta, Cadbury show bags and fish and chips. I felt like I was there, that I was transported back to my childhood – the sites and sounds fresh within my mind and felt throughout my body.

This book was published in 2011, so I am sure many readers have already discovered it, but I just had to share it for those that haven’t had the privilege of reading it yet. Prepare to be challenged, to cry perhaps, but also to develop a great love for Harry, Miles and Joe.

I experienced a range of emotions throughout the book, Anger, sadness, joy and love for these broken boys. I also had an overwhelming sense of gratefulness for Favel being so accurate in her descriptions of the landscapes and unpredictability of Tasmanian waters.

If you are yet to discover any of Favel’s writing, then I highly recommend you pick up one of her books and be transformed by the rawness of her writing and ability to take you to a place and immerse you in it.

I really loved listening to this interview of Favel on The Garrett this week.  Click here to listen.

I borrowed this book from my local library – please support your library and check out a book this week.


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