Three Great Reasons to Support Book Launches

Looking for a free and fun event for children and adults?  Ever considered attending a book launch?  Today I am exploring some reasons why it is great to support book launches, and how they can be a positive impact on the most reluctant reader.

Supporting Authors and…

When you attend a book launch, you are not only supporting your local author but the bookstore, library or business where it is held.  What a lot of people don’t realise is that a lot of work is done by the author to promote, launch and create the ongoing sale of their books.  The book publishers do a fantastic job at marketing and supporting their authors, but any additional support that readers can give help get their stories into the hands of many other readers.  The wonderful thing is that you don’t have to buy a book if you can’t afford it, and it doesn’t cost anything to attend so just go along and check a local book launch out.

They are Fun…

Whether it is a book written for children or adults, they are a whole lot of fun!  Not only do you and your children get to meet the author, get your book signed, hear the story read by the author or illustrator, and eat some cake or other goodies, you also get to celebrate the birth of another book and find out how it all came into being.  For any book lover, young or old, it is pretty exciting to meet your favourite author or illustrator and is quite a memorable experience.

For adult book launches, they usually involve wine, some stimulating conversation with the author and a great night or afternoon out with friends.  You also get to meet other people that like to read.


Meeting an author and illustrator can have a positive impact on a reluctant reader.  Getting to know the real people behind the book can inspire them to read, even if it is challenging for your child.  An author can encourage them to keep trying and get them excited to read.

I have learnt that many authors didn’t excel in English subjects at school, they struggled with reading or have learning challenges – they are just like many of us out there that work hard to achieve what we do and love to write and share it with others.  A child talking to their favourite authors can build up their reading confidence and show them they too can achieve anything.

Upcoming book launches

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For Kids

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Thank you, Penny Harrison, Kate Mildenhall, Little Book Room Carlton, Penguin Books and Caz Goodwin for the use of your images.

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