Death in the Ladies’ Goddess Club


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Death in the Ladies’ Goddess Club by Julian Leatherdale
Published by Allen & Unwin
Date: March 2020
R.R.P. $29.99


I have been in a reading slump. It really doesn’t matter what I try to read, I just can’t keep my head in a book, which is why I decided to share my thoughts on this one before I have finished it.

To be honest, it felt really strange writing the title of this book on my blog because  I don’t read any type of crime. Generally, it doesn’t interest me, but this year I have decided to read out of my comfort zone a little. So, I was quite excited to pick up Death in the Ladies Goddess ClubThe blurb sounded really interesting, and I tucked into it straight away. Then my reading slump hit just when I got to the beginning of it all…the death! Chapter six, page 52, to be exact – the beginning of the investigation. The story had only really just begun, but the reading binge I had been on for months was slowing down.

What I did learn from the first 51 pages is that this is going to be a well-loved book for readers of crime. The characters are already fascinating, and the author, Julian Leatherdale’s writing, is intriguing.

The story is based in Kings Cross in 1932 – I love reading anything that has a historical feel – and follows the story of a crime writer and her flatmate. They live a reasonably fun bohemian life until their world is thrown into a real crime scene when their neighbour is murdered. Joan sees this as a chance to show how good she is as a crime writer and makes it her mission to solve Ellie’s murder.

It is my first time reading anything from Julian Leatherdale, and I really feel that storytelling comes naturally to him. Given I do not usually read crime, I found it read in a way that kept me interested, and I know that I will finish it when I get out of my reading slump.

Even though I still have the bulk of it to read, I highly recommend it.

Want to know more and read the first 32 pages? Head to Allen & Unwin for more.

Thank you, Allen & Unwin, for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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