Where Happiness Hides

Sometimes you come across little gems online that are too good not to share, and when my friend Dem shared this little treasure trove I am about to share with you, I knew I couldn’t keep silent. 

During COVID-19, Authors and Illustrators have been doing some wonderful things to inspire children and keep them entertained. They have been looking at different ways to share their work, and this treasure by Anthony Bertini & Jennifer Goldsmith warmed my heart.

Where Happiness Hides is a free online picture book that the publishers Dirt Lane Press have made available that invites you to find happiness among everyday things and is available in 18 languages! Yes, free and in 18 languages. It is a sweet story that isn’t too long but says just enough.

There isn’t actually a lot I want to say about the book because I want you to discover it for yourself, by yourself, with your children or other lovers of picture books. Really, all that I want to do is share it with you so that many get to enjoy this really special read.

Happiness hides in little things.

A ladybeetle tickling your arm.

Buds on twigs.

Thank you Anthony, Jennifer and Dirt Lane Press for sharing such a beautiful story for many people over different nations.

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