Grover McBane Rescue Dog:Grover Finds a Home


Grover Mc Bane Rescue Dog: Grover Finds a Home by Claire Garth
Illustrator: Johannes Leak
Published by: Piccolo NERO
Date: 28 March 2016

I give this book:



WOW was the exact thought I had when I began the first chapter of Grover Finds a Home, my heart was breaking a little as I read about Grover being hungry, cold, alone and scared, knowing it was a true story. The author captured well how Grover was feeling and how serious it is to neglect an animal and I was instantly drawn into the book.

Grover himself told me in an Instagram message that some parts are a little scary, but I can say in all truth ….it has a happy ending, so trust him I did.



“Grover’s tummy had been rumbling all day.  He couldn’t remember when he’d last had a meal.  He wished the Man with Big Boots fed him more often.  Doesn’t he know that dogs need to eat everyday? Grover thought, as he scrunched his wet body small and tight to try to stay warm.  It didn’t work. He was still cold.” (Claire Garth)


I proceeded with the book and was glad I did. The book was written from the perspective of Grover which I found really refreshing.  The characters in the book were endearing, particularly the first dog to reach out to Grover and comfort him, the lovely Clara a greyhound.  Clara is a beautiful, loving dog who is nurturing and a regular runaway!  Her reassurance to Grover (who I have failed to mention is a Border Collie) is what helps him navigate his way to the beginning of happiness.

There were a few illustrations throughout the book and Johannes Leak has really captured Rover well, particularly through his sad, scared eyes at the beginning of the book.

Grover and Clara’s Profiles

The positive aspects of the book included Grover being found and taken to the shelter, Grover being comforted, patted, washed and fed, the shelter and all it does for lost and neglected animals.

The book is designed for junior readers and I encourage parents and children to read this together because there are many discussion opportunities throughout the book.  Children will learn a lot from this book, most importantly how important it is to look after animals and treat them with love and respect.  The novel demonstrates how bravery, love, trust and the importance of  belonging are essential to the well being of not only Grover and other animals like him, but to people as well.

I applaud the Author Claire Garth on writing this novel and bringing the subject of animal neglect to the attention of the not only child readers but adult readers like me.  Grover’s story needed to be told, and unlike many dogs he was blessed beyond measure when he was picked up by the pound and animal shelter, and taken to his forever home.

Real Grover.JPG
The real Grover McBane                                  (photo courtesy of Grover himself)


I received this book from the publisher NeroBooks in exchange for an honest review.  This does not affect the content of my review

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