Look What I Found…

Hi Readers

I am a little excited about something I found this morning and it has made my love for Nosy Crow books grow even more.  Before I go any further I just want to add that I have not been asked by Nosy Crow to share this, I simply saw a sticker on one of their books and took the time to look at iTunes.

Nosy Crow have a podcast in iTunes, it has been there since 2013 but I only discovered it today.  The podcast has audio versions of some of the Nosy Crow books which you can read along with it.  This reminded me of my childhood when I used to listen to the Storytime Magazine to stories such as, Gobolino the Witches Cat, when I went to bed at night.

Each story starts by telling you to listen for the ding noise to turn the page of your book, this can help with concentration skills because I remember actively seeking out the sound so that I didn’t miss it. What I especially love, and have been known to do in the past is that the narrator starts by saying who wrote, illustrated and published the book.  I think this is a good habit to get into from a young age because even our littlest people have favourite books

I listened to That bear can’t babysit because I have a copy of it and I enjoyed listening to it from another readers perspective.  This would also give children a little independence when reading/looking at books as they can follow on by themselves or with little assistance from a crown up or big brother and sisters.

Enjoy this very little snippet of “That Bear Can’t Babysit”

Simply put, I love this audio book version to match with the physical books.  It was a really nice find and I think it is a wonderful resource to use with or without the books.  So, thank you Nosy Crow for not only producing books that I am loving but also further supporting literacy through a free resource such as a podcast.   This further provides access to the fun of books for a child who may never have owned one.

Readers, I hope you find value in this resource too.  Enjoy!


P.S. More reviews coming soon, so many books to share this month.


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