Even Fairies Fart

Even Fairies Fart by Jennifer Stinson
Illustrated by Rebecca Ashdown
Published by Harper Collins
Date: 8 August 2017
R.R.P. $17.99

I recently read When Fairies Fart at a Preschool Storytime, and I was incredibly nervous about what the parents would think (I know my mum really dislikes the fart word).  Given that English is a second language with most of the families, I wasn’t completely sure that everyone would know the word that we use for tooting, but those that did found it quite funny (phew).

I thought the book was funny and was pleased that it was a girl fairy that makes bottom burps and not a boy, because in most books it is boys (girls fart too!).

In fairy tales, things will always feel more perfect than in life.  The dashing prince will find the fairest maiden for his wife…Well…you might be shocked to hear this, but even fairies fart!


The book gives you a different look at all those fairytale characters – dragons, goblins, bad wolves, pirates, unicorns and many others –  and how imperfectly perfect they can be.  This book shows children that everybody everywhere is just like them. Kings and Queens don’t share and wizards mope and pout, and even trolls are given time out – all situations that children can relate to.  What we are reminded at the end of the book that no matter what they are all still loved.


I don’t think the illustrations could get much cuter, each page is an explosion of colour and whimsical drawings.  The fairies fart is all stars, spots and clouds of colour, and the faces on each of the characters are expressive and a little funny at times.  Some pictures take up the whole page, other pictures are circles of goblins, pirates, a wolf and a granny.  Most importantly, the illustrations fit well with the story.


What I mostly want to say in regards to this book is…

Thank you Jennifer Stinson and Rebecca Ashdown for showing children that even those characters that are shown to be perfect in fairytales (happily ever after and all that), that is not the reality of life.  Nobody is perfect and everyone has moments where they get grass stains on their clothes, pick their nose, fall over and have to go to time out!  We are all valued, and important… Even Fairies who Fart.  Thank you for empowering little girls and boys to be confident and strong in self belief that they can carry with them into adulthood.

Thank you Harper Collins Books for the opportunity to read and review this book.

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