Wolf Girl: Into the Wild



Wolf Girl: Into the Wild by Anh Do
Illustrated by Jeremy Ley and Annie Ji
Published by Allen & Unwin
Date: 1 July 2019
R.R.P. $14.99


This was my first time reading an Anh Do book so I cannot compare it to his others which I believe take on a funny tone.  His new series Wolf Girl is certainly more serious and is an action-adventure book where a young girl survives by discovering her own strength and ability to overcome the elements.

Into the Wild is about Gwen and how she has to fend for herself after a disaster separates her from her family.  Lost in the wilderness, Gwen makes some new friends with a wolf puppy and some dogs that no only keep her company but assist in her quest to find her family.

What I really like about this book is that Gwen is a strong female character who survives without others, and learns new skills while doing so.  Even when she feels scared she is able to pick herself up and keep surviving.

I also like that it is animals that Gwen relies on as friends and fellow survivalists.  She learns from them and develops a bond that keeps her spirits high during what is a time of uncertainty.  Through her interaction with the Wolf pup and the other dogs we see Gwen’s limitations, however this only makes her stronger and more determined.

This book would suit a struggling reader, with each chapter being reasonably short with a mixture of illustrations and some large words throughout.  This book is recommend for ages 8-14 and the content will easily entertain this age range.

I look forward to what’s in store in the second book (due in December) and can’t wait to see where Gwen’s adventures take her.  Thanks to Ahn Do for continuing to delight and inspire young readers through your books.

Thank you Allen & Unwin for the opportunity to read and honestly review this book.

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